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Yo Momma Screensaver

Welcome to the Yo Momma Screensaver page. The screensaver is a free screensaver with hundreds of Yo Momma jokes, compatible with modern versions of Windows. Older versions of the screensaver are compatible with Windows 3.1, however, these versions are no longer supported.

Features of the screensaver:

  • Over 250 hilarious yo momma jokes including yo momma so fat, stupid, ugly, old and more!
  • Literally hundreds of yo momma jokes: great for insulting your friends' mommas, or just for a laugh yourself!
  • Improvements on previous versions
  • Better compatibility with Windows 98
  • Free: it doesn't cost a penny!

Download the screensaver now.

If you already have the screensaver and require technical support, please visit our help page.

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