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Behind the scenes of the Yo Momma Screensaver

This page tells you all about how we make the Yo Momma jokes screen saver.

Stage 1 - Get jokes!
Getting the actual Yo Momma jokes is the job of our Content Manager. He's responsible for surfing around the web looking for jokes, but also checking through traditional joke books and asking people for their favourite jokes. With around 2,000 jokes, he'll start to check each one. If it meets the DeepLake Quality Standards, it's in - but otherwise, that's another Yo Momma joke on the scrap heap!

Stage 2 - Format the jokes
The jokes have to be formatted so we can hand them over to DeepLake Software Solutions who'll handle putting the jokes into the Yo Momma joke screen saver. It's important that they are formatted well - otherwise, it won't be possible to paste jokes directly into the program, which increases development time of the jokes screen saver.

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Stage 3 - Programming
This is the longest stage - we need to develop the entire user interface for the jokes screensaver, and run through basic usability tests with a number of computer users, based on their experience. Once we've developed the interface, it's down to the real programming that powers the Yo Momma joke screen saver. Then we need to set up the jokes and get them placed into the program code.

Stage 4 - Testing
Here we test that the screen saver works as planned and doesn't crash. We test that users can work with it easily. At this stage, the jokes screensaver is nearly getting ready for release. We then need to work on the installation procedure to make sure it is easy to use and that all the files of the screensaver get installed in the right places. Then, the Yo Momma screen saver goes through the deployment test where we try and install it and run it on all operating systems and different configurations. If there are any problems, back to the drawing board!

Stage 5 - Upload, page creation
Once the screensaver is completely finished, we need to upload it to our web server and make some pretty web pages so you can download it nicely and easily.

As you've seen from this behind the scenes page, making the screensaver is a complex task involved skilled people in areas such as programming, application deployment, web development, content producting, quality checking and more.

It takes around 100 man hours to produce a screensaver!

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