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Today's Joke (No.1/1)

The Duck

A duck walked into a pharmacy. He asked the pharmacist "Do you have any
grapes?" "No, but the grocery store two blocks down sells grapes." he
The next day, the same duck walked into the same pharmacy and asked "Do
you have any grapes?" "No, two blocks down on the right." replied the
pharmacist somewhat annoyed.

The third day, the same duck walked back into the same pharmacy and
asked the same question. This time the pharmacist said "We don't sell
grapes here. You have asked for grapes now for three days in a row. I
have told you we don't sell them here, this is a pharmacy not a grocery
store. If you come back in here tomorrow asking for grapes again, I am
going to nail your little webbed feet to the floor, NOW GET OUT OF

The next day the same duck walks back into the same pharmacy, this time
with quite a bit of trepidation. He looked around and asked the
pharmacist "Do you have any nails?" "No" replied the pharmacist. "Well
then... Do you have any grapes?"

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