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Let's face it -- the range of screensavers that comes with Windows, although it has improved recently, is still nothing to get really excited about. We at DeepLake are aware of this and decided to create some funny free screensavers for Windows.

Blonde Joke Screensaver
The Blonde Joke Screen Saver was the first screensaver we wrote. It's a relatively unknown fact that DeepLake has its roots in a small site with lots of blonde jokes on it -- so we thought we'd make a blonde joke screensaver first. This screensaver has literally hundreds of jokes, and you can choose between rude jokes, clean jokes or both (if you like variety!) Have fun and download it now - join the 10,000+ Blonde Joke Screensaver users!

Yo Momma Joke Screensaver
We wrote the Yo Momma Joke screensaver when the yo momma jokes at our jokes website started getting really popular. The Yo Momma Joke screensaver got really popular too and now, like the Blonde Joke Screensaver, has thousands of satisfied (and amused!) users. Like the blonde joke screensaver, it's featured and well-rated on

Free Windows Screensavers
- Blonde Jokes Screensaver
- Yo Momma Jokes Screensaver

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What we're working on...
We've been greatly encouraged by the success of our two current screensavers, so we're going to be making more. Here are some of the ideas we're working on:

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