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About the Yo Momma Jokes Screensaver

The screensaver is a free product. However, its distribution and use is subject to a few restrictions:

  1. Instead of copying the screensaver for your friends or for anyone, you are requested to get them to to download the screensaver from our download page. Our development work is funded through advertising on our site, so we need to get as many visitors as possible.
  2. DeepLake owns the copyright to the screensaver. Any attempt at decompiling or reverse-engineering the screensaver will be punished by the maximum possible penalty under law.

Versions of the Yo Momma Jokes Screen Saver for other platforms
As the screensaver is written in Visual Basic, porting it to different platforms is not really possible unless the screensaver is completely re-written. We are open to suggestions though and we are considering creating versions of the screensaver for MacOS and Linux.

Source code
Source code for the screensaver is currently not available, and DeepLake will has no plans to change this policy in the near future.

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