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Yo Momma Screensaver Download

You need to download the correct version of the screensaver for your version of Windows.

Windows 95, 98 (also Windows 2000 and Windows ME)
You should download the new edition of the screensaver. The version adds many new features and benefits such as less advertising and other enhancements.

Windows 3.1 (Unsupported!)
Windows 3.1 users can download this version of the screensaver. Although this screensaver will work on Windows 95, it is not recommend for use on versions of Windows other than Windows 3.1.

Installation instructions for Windows 95 or higher:
After downloading the zip file, you must use an unzipping program such as WinZip to uncompress or unzip the files. You should extract the files to your Windows directory. This is normally C:\WINDOWS.
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To then set up the screensaver as your current screensaver, follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the Start button.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click on Control Panel.
  4. Double-click the Display icon in the Control Panel window.
  5. Click on the Screen Saver tab.
  6. In the screensaver list, select blonde.
  7. If desired, use the Settings and Preview buttons to configure and test the screensaver respectively.
  8. Click OK -- you've now set up the screensaver!

Installation instructions for Windows 3.1:

  1. After clicking on the link above you will be asked by your web browser where to save the file "yomomma.exe".
  2. Save this file to any directory on your hard disk.
  3. When downloading has finished, run the file "yomomma.exe". (To do this from Program Manager, click File, then click Run and select click the Browse button to find the file.)
  4. Once you've found the file and returned to the main Program Manager Run window, press enter to run the program.
  5. A little introductory message box will appear, giving version information for the screensaver etc. Click OK.
  6. If your Windows directory is not C:\windows then enter the directory in the box. Click the Unzip button. (If the installer program prompts you to overwrite any files, select OK and overwrite them.)
  7. A "readme" file will appear in Notepad. This contains a similar set of instructions to these.
  8. Configure the screensaver by clicking File followed by Run in Program Manager. Enter control in the text box, and press enter.
  9. Double click the Desktop icon.
  10. From the list of screen savers, select Yo Momma Jokes (or a similar-sounding name).
  11. Configure the screensaver to your preferences by altering the various options or just press OK. The screensaver is now set up!

If you're having trouble setting up the screensaver, please visit our help desk.

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