Say bye, bye to rip-off international phone call rates...

Cheap international phone calls

Are you looking for a way of making cheap international phone calls? Does signing up to a new phone provider seem like a lot of trouble? If you want to get cheap international phone calls, there is an easy way.

Find out more about our cheap international phone calls service now. Instead of going through the trouble of signing up to a new phone provider, you can use our excellent cheap international phone calls 'instant dial' service. With this, you just dial the cheap calls access number for your destination (see link for full details) and then dial your international number.

There are hundreds of companies offering cheap international phone calls (such as Tele2, Toucan, Alpha), and although their rates may appear to be cheap, there are often many hidden costs like monthly fees, connection charges, other surcharges and so on.

Using our cheap international phone calls service is simple. You don't need to create an account and that means that you don't need a credit card. You can also use our service from any UK landline or mobile.

If you're confused by all the different companies claiming to offer cheap international phone calls, then you should consider using our service. You can use it instantly now and immediately start making cheap international phone calls - don't pay rip-off prices any longer.

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Cheap Calls Info
Mobile users
Find out how to make cheap international calls from your mobile with rates starting from just 1p/min!

Tips and tricks
Find out extra ways to save on cheap international phone calls, and how to make international calls even easier.

Cheap calls guide (PDF)
Print out our free cheap international calls guide in PDF format. It lists our destinations, their country codes and our access numbers. Feel free to copy this for your friends and colleagues!

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