Say bye, bye to rip-off international phone call rates...

Cheap international calls

Are you looking for a way of making cheap international calls? The telecommunications industry can seem very complicated, with hundreds of different companies (e.g. BT, TalkTalk, OneTel etc) offering ways of making cheap international calls. It can be difficult to find the best deal as many companies have hidden charges.

Find out more about our cheap international calls service now.

If you want to make cheap international calls, you can try our service. Unlike many other phone companies, we specialise in international calls which means we can offer great rates. As well as this, with our service you don't have to set up an account or have a credit card. This is because our cheap international calls service is an 'instant dial' service.

'Instant dial' is a new way of making cheap international calls. It's very simple: just dial the access number for your destination (see link for full details) followed by your international phone number. There are no hidden costs like monthly fees, connection charges and so on.

The government has introduced competition in the phone market so you can now easily get cheap international calls. Don't continue to pay rip-off fees charged by other companies!

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Cheap Calls Info
Mobile users
Find out how to make cheap international calls from your mobile with rates starting from just 1p/min!

Tips and tricks
Find out extra ways to save on cheap international phone calls, and how to make international calls even easier.

Cheap calls guide (PDF)
Print out our free cheap international calls guide in PDF format. It lists our destinations, their country codes and our access numbers. Feel free to copy this for your friends and colleagues!

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