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Calling abroad can seem very complicated. There are many different ways of doing calling abroad. You can use your own phone provider, an additional provider where you have to dial a prefix before your number or you can even use calling cards. As well as the difficulty of this, calling abroad can sometimes be complicated because of dialing codes and so on.

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The problem with using your own phone provider is that calling abroad is probably very expensive. Using a 'prefix provider' to call abroad might get you better rates, but there are often hidden charges like fees for itemised billing, charges if you don't make any calls or even charges if you don't pay by Direct Debit. Using calling cards to call abroad give you independence but they are often bad quality and many have connection fees as well as expiry times and 'admin charges'. You also have to buy the cards upfront, and you might be wasting a lot of money on a bad calling abroad service.

We offer an 'instant dial' service. To call abroad with this service, you simply dial an 'access number' and then you dial your international number. The best thing is that calling abroad with this service is good value, and also very simple. You don't need to create an account and you don't need a credit card or bank account. You can use the service to call abroad from any landline, mobile or payphone in the UK.

OUr service also handles one of the main complaints of calling abroad - dialing codes. A lot of people find dialing codes complicated but the system has been greatly simplified in recent years. To call abroad with our service, you just need to dial the full international number, which means 00 followed by the country's code, followed by the number in the country. If the number in the country starts with a zero, don't dial the zero. To make calling abroad even easier, our service offers a Cheap International Phone Calls guide which you can easily print. It has country codes for nearly all countries and instructions on dialing. It really makes calling abroad as simple as calling your neighbour!

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