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See below for all destinations and rates. Top up with a credit or debit card and get 10% free credit!

Free calls to the USA, Canada and China from any UK phone (landline or mobile)
Free calls to USA, Canada and China with Peppercall—try it now.
Works from any UK landline or mobile!
Service for all Three customers (contract and pay-as-you-go)
Use our Three cheap calls service to make cheap international phone calls from Three from just 3p/min.

No top-up  · Per-second billing  · Same low rates for contract and pay-as-you-go

How it works:
1. Top up! Text DEEP to 80556.
This will cost you 5, and we'll give 5 of credit.
Use this credit either from the phone you texted from, or from any other landline or mobile using the PIN we'll text you.
Top-up securely online instead of by text and get 10% free credit!

2. Talk! Dial 020 8497 8844 and at the prompt, enter your full international number. Don't press "call" again.
Our access number is an ordinary landline number, so you can call it with your inclusive minutes!

3. That's it! You've saved money.

When you're out of credit, just text DEEP to 80556 again, and we'll charge 5 to your phone.
You can then keep on talking! If you have any questions please see our frequently asked questions.

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How much does it cost?
We offer incredibly cheap rates. Use our handy call pricer or look at the table below.

Get 10% free credit when you top-up with your credit or debit card:

Online top up amount + Free extra credit = Your total credit
£10 £1.00 £11.00
£15 £1.50 £16.50
£20 £2.00 £22.00

Select your country below to find out how many extra free minutes you'll get when you top-up online!

Network you're calling from:
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By using this service you consent to the Terms and Conditions as follows: You must have a UK mobile and have the bill payer's permission. Calls charged per second. A 5p connection fee is charged per call. Cost of calls to the 0208 access number will be charged at your standard mobile rate to a landline or can be used as part of your mobile inclusive minutes. Credit is valid for 3 months, and each time you top up you extend the complete remaining balance by a further 3 months. You can use the credit directly from the mobile you topped up from, or from other mobiles and landlines using a pin number. Once your initial credit runs out you will be automatically topped up by a further 5. To opt out of the auto topup please text STOP to 80556. Content provider is 2Abroad Limited, Britannia House, 958 High Road N12 9RY - - telephone 0121 207 0004.
Text top-up: This is a reverse-billed text service, normal top up text will be charged at 5.00 or 10.00 plus your standard network rate. A confirmation text informing you that your mobile has been charged 5.00 or 10.00 will be sent shortly thereafter. Calls will disconnect once the credit is finished and a new text request with keyword to 80556 or to 85505 will have to be made for a further top up.
Credit/debit card top-up: the transaction is handled in a secure environment by PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to top up - you can use any credit or debit card. It is essential that you enter your correct mobile number in order for us to top your account up correctly.
Note unfortunately Nigeria is not available to call if you top-up online.

Unfortunately, like many operators, we have had to increase our costs for calling Pakistan.

Cheap Calls from More Countries!
Make calls from just €0.04/min from Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

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Cheap International Calls from UK Landlines
If you prefer to use your landline to make cheap international calls, use our great hassle-free service to make international calls for the price of a national call!

Cheap International Calls from Other Countries
Make cheap international calls from landlines and mobiles in Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. Calls from 4c/min.

Cheap International Calls USA
If you're going to America or know anyone in America, please use our USA cheap calls service!

Where all you can call

DestinationRate (p/min) DestinationRate (p/min) DestinationRate (p/min)
Afghanistan28.5Germany Mobile E2 Netz Mobilfunk11.5Nigeria Mobile Globalcom7
Afghanistan Kabul28.5Germany Munich1Nigeria Mobile Mtel7
Afghanistan Mobile27Germany Premium35Nigeria Mobile Mtn7
Afghanistan Mobile Areeba27Germany Special35Nigeria Mobile Nitel7
Afghanistan Mobile Awcc27Germany Stuttgart1Niue Isl95
Afghanistan Mobile Roshan27Ghana26Norfolk Isl148
Albania10Ghana Accra26North Mariana Isl3
Albania Mobile28.5Ghana Mobile18Norway1
Albania Mobile Amc28.5Ghana Mobile Scancom18Norway Mobile15
Albania Mobile Vodafone28.5Gibraltar3.5Norway Mobile Netcom15
Albania Tirana10Gibraltar Mobile22Norway Mobile Tele215
Algeria7Greece1Norway Mobile Telenor15
Algeria Algiers7Greece Athens1Norway Oslo1
Algeria Mobile30Greece Mobile8Norway Special15
Algeria Mobile Mpta30Greece Mobile Cosmote8Oman14
Algeria Mobile Orascom30Greece Mobile Q8Oman Mobile34
Algeria Mobile Telecom15Greece Mobile Tim8Oman Mobile Nawras34
Algeria Mobile Wataniya35Greece Mobile Vodafone8Oman Mobile Omantel34
Algeria Special7Greece Premium3Pakistan10
Andorra2Greece Special3Pakistan Islamabad10
Andorra Mobile24Greece Thessaloniki1Pakistan Karachi10
Andorra Mobile Sta24Greenland60Pakistan Kashmir10
Andorra Special4Greenland Mobile75Pakistan Lahore10
Angola11Grenada11.5Pakistan Mobile10
Angola Mobile16Grenada Mobile26Pakistan Mobile Mobilink10
Angola Mobile Movicel16Grenada Mobile Cwwi26Pakistan Mobile Sco10
Angola Mobile Unitel16Grenada Mobile Digicel26Pakistan Mobile Telenor10
Anguilla10.5Guadeloupe3Pakistan Special10
Anguilla Mobile24.5Guadeloupe Mobile21.5Palau28
Anguilla Mobile Cwwi24.5Guadeloupe Special3Palau Mobile28
Anguilla Mobile Digicel24.5Guam2Palestine2
Antartica111Guam Mobile9Palestine Mobile22.5
Antigua & Barbuda19Guantanamo100Palestine Mobile Jawwal22.5
Antigua & Barbuda Mobile19Guatemala17Panama4
Argentina3Guatemala City17Panama Colon4
Argentina Bahia Blanca3Guatemala Mobile16Panama Mobile15.5
Argentina Buenos Aires1Guatemala Mobile Bellsouth16Panama Mobile C&w15.5
Argentina Campana3Guatemala Mobile Comcel16Panama Panama Beach4
Argentina Carlos Paz3Guatemala Mobile Pcs16Panama Panama City4
Argentina Cordoba3Guatemala Mobile Residential16Papua New Guinea61
Argentina Junin3Guatemala Mobile Telefonica16Papua New Guinea Mobile65
Argentina La Pampa3Guatemala Special17Paraguay7
Argentina La Plata3Guatemala Telgua Fixed17Paraguay Asuncion4
Argentina Mar Del Plata3Guinea44Paraguay Mobile9
Argentina Mendoza3Guinea Bissau33Paraguay Mobile Hola9
Argentina Merlo3Guinea Bissau Mobile41.5Paraguay Mobile Personal9
Argentina Mobile11.5Guinea Conakry44Paraguay Mobile Porthable9
Argentina Moreno3Guinea Mobile44Paraguay Mobile Telecel9
Argentina Neuguen3Guinea Mobile Intercel44Peru3
Argentina Pilar Lujan Mercedes3Guinea Mobile Sotelgui44Peru Lima1.5
Argentina Posadas3Guinea Mobile Spacetel44Peru Mobile13.5
Argentina Resistencia3Guyana25Peru Mobile Nextel13.5
Argentina Rio Cuarto3Guyana Georgetown25Peru Mobile Telefonica13.5
Argentina Rosario3Guyana Mobile25Peru Premium3
Argentina Salta3Haiti26Peru Rural24
Argentina San Luis3Haiti Mobile37Philippines11
Argentina Santa Fe3Haiti Mobile Comcel37Philippines Manila11
Argentina Tandil3Haiti Mobile Digicel37Philippines Mobile15
Argentina Tucuman3Haiti Mobile Rectel37Philippines Mobile Digitel15
Argentina Villa Maria3Haiti Port-au-prince26Philippines Mobile Globe15
Argentina Zarate3Haiti Special Services26Philippines Mobile Smart15
Armenia Karabakh15Honduras Mobile15Poland Gdansk1
Armenia Mobile20Honduras Mobile Celtel15Poland Katowice1
Armenia Mobile Armentel20Honduras Mobile Megatel15Poland Krakow1
Armenia Mobile K Telecom20Honduras Mobile Sercom15Poland Lublin1
Armenia Yerevan15Honduras San Pedro16Poland Mobile22
Aruba8Honduras Special16Poland Mobile Centertel6
Aruba Mobile26Honduras Tegucigalpa16Poland Mobile Era6
Aruba Mobile Digicel26Hong Kong1Poland Mobile Polkomtel6
Ascension Isl183Hong Kong Mobile1Poland Mobile Tpsa6
Ascension Isl Special155Hong Kong Special3Poland Olo3
Australia1.5Hungary1Poland Rzeszow1
Australia Adelaide1.5Hungary Budapest1Poland Special6
Australia Brisbane1.5Hungary Mobile12Poland Tarnow1
Australia Canberra1.5Hungary Mobile Pannon12Poland Torun1
Australia External Territories1.5Hungary Mobile T-mobile12Poland Warsaw1
Australia Hobert1.5Hungary Mobile Vodafone12Poland Wroclaw2
Australia Melbourne1.5Hungary Premium3Portugal2
Australia Mobile11Hungary Special3Portugal Azores2
Australia Mobile Hutchison11Iceland2Portugal Lisbon2
Australia Mobile Optus11Iceland Mobile18Portugal Mobile15
Australia Mobile Telstra11Iceland Mobile Imc18Portugal Mobile Optimus15
Australia Mobile Vodafone11Iceland Mobile Telecom18Portugal Mobile Tmn15
Australia Perth1.5Iceland Mobile Vodafone18Portugal Mobile Vodafone15
Australia Premium3Iceland Mobile Zero Nine18Portugal Oporto2
Australia Satellite Mobile26Iceland Premium2Portugal Special2
Australia Sydney1.5Iceland Reykjavik2Puerto Rico1.5
Austria1.5Iceland Special2Puerto Rico Special1.5
Austria Badgastein1.5India1.5Qatar15
Austria Linz1.5India Ahmedabad1.5Qatar Mobile23
Austria Mobile12India Ambala1.5Qatar Mobile Q-tel23
Austria Mobile 3g12India Andra Pradesh1.5Reunion4
Austria Mobile Connect12India Bangalor1.5Reunion Mobile19
Austria Mobile Max Mobil12India Bombay1.5Rodrigues Isl10
Austria Mobile Mobilkom12India Calcutta1.5Romania2
Austria Mobile T-mobile12India Ernakulam1.5Romania Bucharest2
Austria Mobile Tele Ring12India Gujarat1.5Romania Mobile9
Austria Mobile Tele212India Hydrabad1.5Romania Mobile Connex9
Austria Mobile Tetracall12India Jallandhar1.5Romania Mobile Cosmoron9
Austria Mobile Yesss12India Karnataku1.5Romania Mobile Mobifon9
Austria Premium31India Kerala1.5Romania Mobile Orange9
Austria Salzburg1.5India Ludhinana1.5Romania Mobile Telemobil9
Austria Viena1.5India Madras1.5Russia5
Azerbaijan22India Magalore1.5Russia Chechnia5
Azerbaijan Baku22India Maharashtra1.5Russia Ekaterinburg5
Azerbaijan Mobile35India Mobile1.5Russia Irkutsk5
Azerbaijan Mobile Azercell35India Mobile Bsnl1.5Russia Mobile7
Azerbaijan Mobile Bakcell35India Mobile Essar1.5Russia Mobile Dontelecom7
Bahamas15India Mobile Reliance1.5Russia Mobile Ermak Rms7
Bahamas Mobile19India Mobile Tata1.5Russia Mobile Megafon7
Bahrain4India Mysore1.5Russia Mobile Ntc7
Bahrain Mobile6India Nagpur1.5Russia Moscow3.5
Bahrain Mobile Batelco6India New Delhi1.5Russia Overlay12
Bahrain Mobile Mtc6India Pune1.5Russia St. Petersburg3.5
Bahrain Special4India Punjab1.5Rwanda25
Bangladesh4.5India Tamil Nadu1.5Rwanda Mobile25
Bangladesh Chittagong4.5Indonesia6Rwanda Mobile Mtn25
Bangladesh Dhaka4.5Indonesia Bandar Lampung6Samoa American11
Bangladesh Mobile4.5Indonesia Bandung6Samoa American Mobile11
Bangladesh Mobile Dhak Cell4.5Indonesia Batam6Samoa Western52.5
Bangladesh Mobile Grameen4.5Indonesia Bogor6Samoa Western Mobile55
Bangladesh Mobile Tmib4.5Indonesia Cirebon6San Marino2.5
Bangladesh Moulvibizar4.5Indonesia Denpasar6San Marino Mobile80
Bangladesh Sylhet4.5Indonesia Jakarta3Sao Tome97
Barbados8Indonesia Jember6Sao Tome Mobile95
Barbados Mobile20Indonesia Madiun6Saudi Arabia14
Barbados Mobile Cwwi20Indonesia Malang6Saudi Arabia Dhahran14
Barbados Mobile Digicell20Indonesia Medan6Saudi Arabia Jeddha14
Belarus25Indonesia Mobile9.5Saudi Arabia Makkah14
Belarus Minsk25Indonesia Mobile Indosat9.5Saudi Arabia Medina14
Belarus Mobile25Indonesia Mobile Satelindo9.5Saudi Arabia Mobile14
Belarus Mobile Best25Indonesia Mobile Telkomsel9.5Saudi Arabia Mobile Mobily14
Belarus Mobile Mdc25Indonesia Mobile Xl9.5Saudi Arabia Riyadh14
Belarus Mobile Mts25Indonesia Palembang6Saudi Arabia Special14
Belgium1.5Indonesia Pekan Baru6Senegal47
Belgium Antwerp1.5Indonesia Semarang6Senegal Dakar47
Belgium Brussels1.5Indonesia Solo6Senegal Mobile53
Belgium Liege1.5Indonesia Special6Senegal Mobile Alize53
Belgium Mobile17Indonesia Surabaya6Senegal Mobile Sentel53
Belgium Mobile Belgacom17Indonesia Yogyakarta6Serbia22
Belgium Mobile Kpn Orange17Inmarsat Bgan100Serbia Belgrade22
Belgium Mobile Mobistar17Inmarsat Bgan Hsd500Serbia Kosovo12
Belgium Mobile Proximus17Inmarsat Mini M100Serbia Mobile43
Belgium Special25Inmarsat Snac B150Serbia Mobile Mobtel43
Belgium Telenet1.5Inmarsat Snac B Hsd700Serbia Mobile Mts43
Belgium Versatel1.5Inmarsat Snac M500Serbia Montenegro16
Belize27.5Inmarsat Snac M4 Hsd500Serbia Montenegro Mobile38
Belize Belize City27.5Inmarsat Snac Sky500Serbia Orion38
Belize Mobile29Iran7Seychelles40
Benin29Iran Mashad7Seychelles Mobile40
Benin Cotonou29Iran Mobile10Seychelles Premium40
Benin Mobile29Iran Tehran7Sierra Leone50
Benin Mobile Arreba29Iraq10Sierra Leone Freetown50
Benin Mobile Bbcom29Iraq Baghdad10Sierra Leone Mobile51.5
Benin Mobile Benincell29Iraq Mobile15Sierra Leone Mobile Africell51.5
Benin Mobile Libercom29Iraq Mobile Asiacell15Sierra Leone Mobile Celtel51.5
Benin Mobile Telecel29Iraq Mobile Atheer15Sierra Leone Mobile Comium51.5
Bermuda5Iraq Mobile Korek15Sierra Leone Mobile Millicom51.5
Bermuda Mobile5Iraq Mobile Orascom15Sierra Leone Mobile Mobitel51.5
Bermuda Mobile Bermuda5Iraq Mobile Sana15Sierra Leone Mobile Pcs51.5
Bhutan14Iraq Mosul10Sierra Leone Premium50
Bhutan Mobile14Ireland1Singapore1
Bhutan Mobile B-mobile14Ireland Dublin1Singapore Mobile1
Bolivia14Ireland Mobile22Singapore Mobile Starhub1
Bolivia Cochabamba14Ireland Mobile 3g22Singapore Special1
Bolivia La Paz14Ireland Mobile Meteor11Slovakia2
Bolivia Mobile18.5Ireland Mobile O211Slovakia Bratislava2
Bolivia Mobile Entel18.5Ireland Mobile Vodafone11Slovakia Mobile16
Bolivia Mobile Nuevatel18.5Ireland Premium22Slovakia Mobile Eurotel16
Bolivia Santa Cruz14Iridium288Slovakia Mobile Orange16
Bosnia15Israel1Slovakia Mobile T-mobile16
Bosnia Ht Mostar15Israel Hasharon1Slovakia Special2
Bosnia Mobile36.5Israel Jerusalem1Slovenia3.5
Bosnia Mobile Bih36.5Israel Mobile3Slovenia Mobile40
Bosnia Mobile Eronet36.5Israel Mobile Cellcom3Slovenia Mobile Mobitel25
Bosnia Mobile Srpske36.5Israel Mobile Mirs3Slovenia Mobile Simobil25
Bosnia Sarajevo15Israel Mobile Orange3Slovenia Mobile Wwi25
Bosnia Special15Israel Mobile Pelephone3Slovenia Voljatel25
Botswana7Israel North1Solomon Isl108
Botswana Mobile25Israel South1Solomon Isl Mobile108
Botswana Mobile Macsom25Israel Tel Aviv1Somalia63
Brazil2.5Israel Territories15Somalia Bestway63
Brazil Belem2.5Israel Territories Mobile15Somalia Mobile58.5
Brazil Belo Horizonte2.5Italy1.5Somalia Mobile Telcom58.5
Brazil Brasilia2.5Italy Milano1.5Somalia Mogadishu63
Brazil Campinas2.5Italy Mobile30South Africa4
Brazil Campo Grande2.5Italy Mobile H3g11South Africa Capetown4
Brazil Cuiaba2.5Italy Mobile Omnitel11South Africa Durban4
Brazil Curitiba2.5Italy Mobile Rfi30South Africa Johannesburg4
Brazil Florianplis2.5Italy Mobile Telecom Italia11South Africa Mobile10
Brazil Fortaleza2.5Italy Mobile Wind11South Africa Mobile Cellc10
Brazil Foz Do Iguazu2.5Italy Naples1.5South Africa Mobile Mtn10
Brazil Goiania2.5Italy Ngn5South Africa Mobile Vodacom10
Brazil Governador Valadares2.5Italy Palermo1.5South Africa Premium12
Brazil Joao Pessoa2.5Italy Rome1.5South Africa Pretoria4
Brazil Joinville2.5Italy Vatican City1.5South Africa Special4
Brazil Londrina2.5Ivory Coast18Southern Sudan45
Brazil Maceio2.5Ivory Coast Abidjan18Southern Sudan Mobile Gemtel45
Brazil Manaus2.5Ivory Coast Mobile25Southern Sudan Mobile Mtn45
Brazil Maringa2.5Ivory Coast Mobile Comstar25Southern Sudan Mobile Vivacell45
Brazil Mobile12Ivory Coast Mobile Loteny25Southern Sudan Mobile Zain45
Brazil Mobile Claro12Ivory Coast Mobile Orange25Spain1
Brazil Mobile Tim12Jamaica8Spain Barcelona1
Brazil Natal2.5Jamaica Mobile12Spain Bealrics1
Brazil On Net12Jamaica Mobile C&w20Spain Bilbao1
Brazil Pocos De Caldas2.5Jamaica Mobile Digicell20Spain Canary Isl1
Brazil Porto Alegre2.5Jamaica Mobile Mossel20Spain Ceuta1
Brazil Recife2.5Japan3Spain Madrid1
Brazil Ribeirao Preto2.5Japan Ip Phone3Spain Mobile8
Brazil Rio De Janeiro1.5Japan Military3Spain Mobile Dolphin8
Brazil Salvador2.5Japan Mobile12Spain Mobile Retevision8
Brazil San Jose2.5Japan Nagoya3Spain Mobile Telefonica8
Brazil Santos2.5Japan Okinawa3Spain Mobile Vodafone8
Brazil Sao Paulo2.5Japan Osaka3Spain Mobile Xfera8
Brazil Sorocaba2.5Japan Osaka 23Spain Premium15
Brazil Victoria2.5Japan Tokyo3Spain Special8
Brazil Vitoria2.5Jordan8Spain Valencia1
Brunei2Jordan Amman8Sri Lanka11
Brunei Mobile4Jordan Mobile13Sri Lanka Colombo11
Brunei Mobile Dstcom4Jordan Mobile Fastlink13Sri Lanka Mobile11
Bulgaria5Jordan Mobile Mobilecom13Sri Lanka Mobile Celltel11
Bulgaria Mobile49Jordan Mobile Umniah13Sri Lanka Mobile Dialog11
Bulgaria Mobile Btc49Jordan Mobile Xpress13Sri Lanka Mobile Mobitel11
Bulgaria Mobile Globul49Jordan Premium8Sri Lanka Wll11
Bulgaria Mobile Mobikom49Jordan Special8St Helena120
Bulgaria Mobile Mobitel49Kazakhstan8St Kitts16
Bulgaria Sofia5Kazakhstan Almaty8St Kitts Mobile26
Burkina Faso25Kazakhstan Astana8St Kitts Mobile Cwwi26
Burkina Faso Mobile25Kazakhstan Karaganda8St Kitts Mobile Digicel26
Burkina Faso Mobile Celtel25Kazakhstan Mobile11St Lucia10
Burkina Faso Mobile Telecel25Kazakhstan Mobile Kar-tel11St Lucia Mobile26
Burkina Faso Mobile Telmob25Kazakhstan Mobile Kcell11St Lucia Mobile Cwwi26
Burundi25Kenya8St Lucia Mobile Digicel26
Burundi Mobile40Kenya Mobile13.5St Pierre & Miquelon43
Burundi Mobile Onatel40Kenya Mobile Celtel13.5St Pierre & Miquelon Mobile43
Burundi Mobile Telecel40Kenya Mobile Safaricom13.5St Vincent & Grenadines10
Cambodia7Kenya Mombasa8St Vincent & Grenadines Mobile26
Cambodia Mobile7Kenya Nairobi8St Vincent & Grenadines Mobile Cwwi26
Cambodia Mobile Camgsm7Kenya Premium8St Vincent & Grenadines Mobile Digicel26
Cambodia Mobile Casacom7Kenya Special8Sudan18
Cambodia Phnom Penh7Kirghistan16Sudan Khartoum18
Cameroon17Kirghistan Bishkek16Sudan Mobile21.5
Cameroon Duala17Kirghistan Mobile12Sudan Mobile Areeba21.5
Cameroon Mobile15Kirghistan Mobile Skymobile12Sudan Mobile Mobitel21.5
Cameroon Mobile Mtn22Kiribati47.5Sudan Mobile Now21.5
Cameroon Mobile Orange22Kiribati Mobile53Suriname16
Cameroon Special17Korea North46Suriname Mobile24
Cameroon Yaounde17Korea South1.5Suriname Special16
Canada1Korea South Mobile53Swaziland14
Canada Montreal1Korea South Mobile Ktf53Swaziland Mobile21
Canada Ontario1Korea South Mobile Sk53Sweden1
Canada Premium12Korea South Seoul1.5Sweden Mobile12.5
Canada Quebec1Kuwait8Sweden Mobile Comviq12.5
Canada Spacemob1Kuwait Mobile8Sweden Mobile H3g12.5
Canada Toronto1Kuwait Mobile Mtc8Sweden Mobile Telia Mobitel12.5
Canada Vancouver1Kuwait Mobile Wataniya8Sweden Mobile Vodafone12.5
Cape Verde19Laos5Sweden Premium12.5
Cape Verde Mobile27Laos Mobile5Sweden Stockholm1
Cayman Isl7Laos Mobile Tango5Switzerland2
Cayman Isl Mobile14Latvia5.5Switzerland Basel2
Cayman Isl Mobile Cwwi14Latvia Baltija Mobile55Switzerland Berne2
Cayman Isl Mobile Digicel14Latvia Mobile55Switzerland Geneva2
Central African Rep30Latvia Olo5.5Switzerland Lausanne2
Central African Rep Bangui30Latvia Riga5.5Switzerland Lucerne2
Central African Rep Mobile39Lebanon9Switzerland Lugano2
Chad21Lebanon Beirut9Switzerland Mobile30
Chad Mobile34Lebanon Mobile18Switzerland Mobile Orange15
Chad Mobile Celtel34Lebanon Mobile Ftml18Switzerland Mobile Sunrise15
Chile3Lebanon Mobile Libancell18Switzerland Mobile Swisscom15
Chile Easter Islands45Lesotho16Switzerland Premium30
Chile Mobile15Lesotho Mobile21.5Switzerland Zurich2
Chile Mobile Entel Pcs15Liberia32Syria14
Chile Mobile Movistar15Liberia Mobile32Syria Mobile16
Chile Rural Areas45Liberia Mobile Cellcom32Syria Mobile Syriatel16
Chile Santiago3Liberia Mobile Comium32Taiwan1.5
Chile Special45Liberia Mobile Libercell32Taiwan Mobile9.5
China1Liberia Mobile Lonestar32Taiwan Taipei1.5
China Beijing1Libya25Tajikistan17
China Fuzhou1Libya Mobile35Tajikistan Dushanbe17
China Guangzhou1Liechtenstein9Tajikistan Mobile16
China Mobile1Liechtenstein Mobile64Tajikistan Mobile Indigo16
China Mobile China1Liechtenstein Mobile Mobilkom64Tanzania19
China Mobile Unicom1Liechtenstein Mobile Orange64Tanzania Dar Es Salaam19
China Shanghai1Liechtenstein Mobile Swisscom64Tanzania Mobile18.5
China Shenyang1Liechtenstein Mobile Tele264Tanzania Mobile Celtel18.5
China Shenzhen1Liechtenstein Premium64Tanzania Mobile Mic18.5
Christmas Isl5Lithuania4Tanzania Mobile Vodacom18.5
Cocos Isl12.5Lithuania Mobile12.5Tanzania Mobile Zantel18.5
Colombia3.5Lithuania Mobile Bite12.5Tanzania Special19
Colombia Armenia3.5Lithuania Mobile Omnitel12.5Tanzania Zanzibar19
Colombia Barranquilla3.5Lithuania Mobile Tele212.5Thailand2
Colombia Bogota3.5Lithuania Personal75Thailand Bangkok2
Colombia Bucaramanga3.5Luxembourg1.5Thailand Mobile1
Colombia Cali3.5Luxembourg Mobile16Thuraya Satellite176
Colombia Cartagena3.5Luxembourg Mobile P&t16Togo44
Colombia Cucuta3.5Luxembourg Mobile Tango16Togo Lome44
Colombia Manizales3.5Luxembourg Mobile Voxmobile16Togo Mobile46
Colombia Medellin3.5Luxembourg Premium16Togo Mobile Telecel46
Colombia Mobile10Luxembourg Special16Togo Mobile Togocel46
Colombia Mobile Comcel10Macau6Togo Special44
Colombia Mobile Movistar10Macau Mobile6Tokelau153
Colombia Mobile Ola10Macau Mobile Ctm6Tokelau Mobile153
Colombia Palmira3.5Macau Mobile Htmcl6Tokelau Premium153
Colombia Pereira3.5Macedonia12Tonga48
Colombia Premium15Macedonia Mobile35Tonga Mobile48
Colombia Santa Marta3.5Macedonia Mobile Cosmo35Trinidad and Tobago8
Comoros34Macedonia Mobile Mobimak35Trinidad and Tobago Mobile18
Comoros Mobile50Macedonia Skopje12Trinidad and Tobago Mobile Digicel18
Comoros Mobile Space50Macedonia Special12Tunisia35
Congo50Madagascar52Tunisia Mobile49
Congo Mobile50Madagascar Mobile55Tunisia Mobile Tunisiana49
Congo Mobile Celtel50Madagascar Mobile Madacom55Tunisia Mobile Tuntel49
Cook Isl82.5Madagascar Mobile Orange55Tunisia Tunis35
Costa Rica4Madagascar Mobile Telecel55Turkey3
Costa Rica Mobile7Madagascar Premium52Turkey Adana3
Costa Rica Mobile Ice7Malawi8Turkey Ankara3
Croatia2.5Malawi Mobile10Turkey Antalya3
Croatia Mobile24Malawi Mobile Tnm10Turkey Bursa3
Croatia Mobile T-mobile24Malaysia1Turkey Cyprus5
Croatia Mobile Tele224Malaysia Johar Bahru1Turkey Cyprus Mobile19
Croatia Mobile Vipnet24Malaysia Kuala Lumpur1Turkey Cyprus Mobile Telsim19
Croatia Special2.5Malaysia Mobile2.5Turkey Cyprus Mobile Turkcell19
Croatia Zagreb2.5Malaysia Mobile Celcom2.5Turkey Istanbul3
Cuba100Malaysia Mobile Digi2.5Turkey Izmir3
Cuba Mobile100Malaysia Mobile Maxis2.5Turkey Mobile12
Cyprus1.5Malaysia Mobile Tm2.5Turkey Mobile Dos11.5
Cyprus Mobile3.5Malaysia Penang1Turkey Mobile Globalstar12
Cyprus Mobile Areeba3.5Maldives55Turkey Mobile Telsim12
Cyprus Mobile Cytamobile3.5Maldives Mobile84Turkey Mobile Turkcell12
Cyprus Premium4Maldives Mobile Dhiraagu84Turkey Samsun3
Czech Rep2Maldives Mobile Wataniya84Turkey Special3
Czech Rep Mobile13Maldives Premium83Turkmenistan13
Czech Rep Mobile Ceskymobil13Maldives Special83Turkmenistan Mobile13
Czech Rep Mobile Eurotel13Mali28.5Turks & Caicos9.5
Czech Rep Mobile T-mobile13Mali Bamako28.5Turks & Caicos Mobile22
Czech Rep Prague2Mali Ikatel28.5Turks & Caicos Mobile Cwwi22
Denmark1Mali Mobile32.5Tuvalu63
Denmark Copenhagen1Mali Mobile Ikatel32.5UK (01&02)1
Denmark Mobile16Malta5UK (020)1
Denmark Mobile Hi3g16Malta Mobile21.5UK Guernsey4
Denmark Mobile Sonofon16Malta Mobile Go21.5UK Jersey4
Denmark Mobile Teledanmark16Malta Mobile Vodafone21.5UK Kingston2
Denmark Mobile Telia16Malta Special5UK Manx3
Denmark Premium5Marshall Isl37UK Mobile Dolphin29
Diego Garcia128Martinique2UK Mobile Guernsey29
Djibouti43.5Martinique Mobile13UK Mobile Jersey29
Djibouti Mobile43Martinique Special13UK Mobile Manx29
Dominica9.5Mauritania38UK Mobile O27.5
Dominica Mobile26.5Mauritania Mobile38UK Mobile Orange7.5
Dominica Mobile Orange26.5Mauritania Mobile Mtel-m38UK Mobile T-mobile7.5
Dominican Rep3Mauritania Special38UK Mobile Three7.5
Dominican Rep Mobile9.5Mauritius13UK Mobile Vodafone7.5
Dominican Rep Santiago9.5Mauritius Mobile13USA1
Dominican Rep Santo Domingo9.5Mauritius Mobile Cellplus13USA 1 8001
East Timor99Mauritius Mobile Emtel13USA Alaska3
East Timor Special99Mayotte18USA California1
Ecuador12.5Mayotte Mobile18USA Da30
Ecuador Cuenca Etapa12.5Mexico4USA Hawaii3
Ecuador Mobile Onnet21Mexico City4USA New York1
Ecuador Mobile Porta21Mexico Mobile17Uae18
Egypt12.5Micronesia37Uae Abu Dhabi18
Egypt Alexandria12.5Micronesia Mobile37Uae Dubai18
Egypt Cairo12.5Moldova16Uae Mobile18
Egypt Mobile10Moldova Chisinau16Uae Mobile Du18
Egypt Mobile Etisalat10Moldova Mobile20Uae Mobile Etisalat18
Egypt Mobile Mobinil10Moldova Mobile Moldcell25Uganda18
Egypt Mobile Vodafone10Moldova Mobile Prednestrovye20Uganda Kampala18
Egypt Special12.5Moldova Mobile Voxtel20Uganda Mobile18
El Salvador19Moldova Special25Uganda Mobile Celtel18
El Salvador Mobile19Moldova Transnistria16Uganda Mobile Mtn18
El Salvador Mobile Telefonica19Monaco6Uganda Mobile Ut18
El Salvador Mobile Telemovil19Monaco Mobile34.5Ukraine9
El Salvador Personal Cte19Monaco Mobile Guinea34.5Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk9
El Salvador Special19Monaco Mobile Kosovo34.5Ukraine Donetsk9
Emsat591Monaco Special34.5Ukraine Golden Telecom Mobile15
Equatorial Guinea22Mongolia12.5Ukraine Kharkiv9
Equatorial Guinea Mobile22Mongolia Mobile12.5Ukraine Kiev9
Equatorial Guinea Mobile Getesa22Montserrat18.5Ukraine Luhansk9
Eritrea24Montserrat Mobile18.5Ukraine Lviv9
Eritrea Mobile24Montserrat Mobile Cwwi18.5Ukraine Mobile15
Estonia2Montserrat Special18.5Ukraine Mobile Astelit15
Estonia Mobile32Morocco14Ukraine Mobile Kyivstar15
Estonia Mobile Emt32Morocco Casablanca9Ukraine Mobile Umc15
Estonia Mobile Radiolinja32Morocco Meditel25Ukraine Mobile Ums15
Estonia Premium8Morocco Mobile38Ukraine Mobile Wellcom15
Estonia Tallin2Morocco Mobile Iam38Ukraine Nikolayev9
Ethiopia25Morocco Mobile Meditel38Ukraine Odessa9
Ethiopia Addis Ababa25Morocco Rabat9Ukraine Premium9
Ethiopia Mobile27Morocco Wana25Uruguay5
Falkland Isl78Mozambique8Uruguay Mobile15
Faroe Isl13Mozambique Maputo8Uruguay Mobile Ancel15
Faroe Isl Mobile25Mozambique Mobile15Uruguay Mobile Cti15
Faroe Isl Mobile Faroese25Mozambique Mobile Mcell15Uruguay Montevideo5
Fiji19Mozambique Mobile Vodacom30Uzbekistan8.5
Fiji Mobile19Myanmar33Uzbekistan Mobile8.5
Fiji Mobile Vodafone19Myanmar Mobile33Uzbekistan Tashkent8.5
Finland5Myanmar Yangon33Vanuatu45.5
Finland Helsinki5Namibia7Vanuatu Mobile45.5
Finland Mobile11.5Namibia Mobile18Vanuatu Mobile Telecom45.5
Finland Mobile Aaland11.5Namibia Mobile Telecom18Venezuela2
Finland Mobile Dna11.5Nauru95Venezuela Caracas1.5
Finland Mobile Elisa11.5Nepal12Venezuela Maracaibo2
Finland Mobile Finnet11.5Nepal Kathmandu15Venezuela Mobile11.5
Finland Mobile Teliasonera11.5Nepal Mobile13.5Venezuela Mobile Digitel11.5
Finland Premium5Nepal Mobile Ntc13.5Venezuela Mobile Movilnet11.5
Finland Special5Netherlands1Venezuela Premium2
France1Netherlands Amsterdam1Venezuela Special2
France Bouygues Mobile9Netherlands Antilles14Venezuela Valencia2
France Marseille1Netherlands Antilles Mobile11Vietnam6
France Mobile35Netherlands Antilles Mobile Digicel11Vietnam Hanoi6
France Ngn1Netherlands Antilles Mobile Ecc11Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City6
France Orange Mobile9Netherlands Antilles St. Marteens11Vietnam Mobile7
France Paris1Netherlands Mobile15Vietnam Mobile Gpc7
France Sfr Mobile9Netherlands Mobile Kpn15Vietnam Mobile Ho Chi7
French Guiana4.5Netherlands Mobile O215Vietnam Mobile Viettel7
French Guiana Mobile24Netherlands Mobile T-mobile15Vietnam Mobile Vms7
French Guiana Special4.5Netherlands Mobile Tele215Vietnam On Net6
French Polynesia26Netherlands Mobile Vodafone15Virgin Isl UK17
French Polynesia Mobile30Netherlands Premium11Virgin Isl UK Mobile26.5
Gabon38Netherlands Rotterdam1Virgin Isl USA1.5
Gabon Mobile38New Caledonia23Wake Isl286
Gabon Mobile Celtel38New Caledonia Mobile21.5Wallis and Futuna79.5
Gabon Mobile Libertis38New Zealand1.5Yemen18
Gabon Mobile Telecel38New Zealand Auckland1.5Yemen Aden18
Gambia46New Zealand Chatham Isl1.5Yemen Mobile19
Gambia Mobile46New Zealand Mobile12.5Yemen Mobile Sabafon19
Gambia Mobile Africell46New Zealand Mobile Telecom12.5Yemen Sanaa18
Gambia Special46New Zealand Mobile Telstra12.5Zaire25
Georgia9New Zealand Mobile Vodafone12.5Zaire Kinshasa25
Georgia Abkhazia6New Zealand Special5Zaire Mobile36.5
Georgia Mobile11New Zealand Wellington1.5Zaire Mobile Celtel36.5
Georgia Mobile Geocell11Nicaragua13Zaire Mobile Sait36.5
Georgia Mobile Magticom11Nicaragua Managua13Zaire Mobile Spacemob36.5
Georgia Mobile Megacom11Nicaragua Mobile28Zaire Mobile Vodacom36.5
Georgia Tbilisi9Nicaragua Mobile Bellsouth28Zambia6
Germany1Nicaragua Mobile Enitel28Zambia Lusaka6
Germany Berlin1Niger27Zambia Mobile12.5
Germany Cologne1Niger Mobile27Zambia Mobile Mtn12.5
Germany Dusseldorf1Niger Mobile Celtel27Zimbabwe11
Germany Frankfurt1Niger Mobile Sahelcom27Zimbabwe Harare11
Germany Hamburg1Niger Mobile Telecel27Zimbabwe Mobile Econet58
Germany Mobile11.5Nigeria7Zimbabwe Mobile Net One20
Germany Mobile D1 Netz Mobilfunk11.5Nigeria Lagos7Zimbabwe Mobile Telcel58
Germany Mobile D2 Netz Mobilfunk11.5Nigeria Mobile7Zimbabwe Special11
Germany Mobile E Plus Mobilfunk11.5Nigeria Mobile Econet7
Some amounts rounded up/down for clarity

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