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From the main page, select the man you want to download by clicking on his name.

You'll then be shown a brief bio on the guy, and a list of pictures (with descriptions). Just click on the description's "Download" link and the picture will appear in your browser.

If you want to save the pictures to your hard disk, right click on the image (Mac users, please look at your browser instructions) and choose "Save Picture As.." (or similar), and then choose a filename and location for the picture on your computer's hard disk.

Each page has a link to the main page and links to the other men on the site, so you can use these to continue to browse around the site. We advise you to bookmark the site. This makes coming back to DeepLake Male Celeb Pics a lot easier. If you're using Internet Explorer, select Add to Favourites.. from the Favorites menu. If you're using Netscape Navigator, click the Bookmarks button, and then click Add bookmark. Netscape users can also press CTRL + D.

If you can't get a particular picture to display, or you're having some other kind of problem, DeepLake's support staff are always willing to help. Please fill in our feedback form and someone from DeepLake will get back to you.

The men

- Ben Affleck
- Brad Pitt
- Ewan McGregor
- George Clooney
- James Van Der Beek
- Joseph Fiennes
- Leonardo DiCaprio
- Matt Damon
- Matt Le Blanc
- Mel Gibson
- Noah Wyle
- Robbie Williams
- Ryan Phillippe
- Will Smith

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