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King of the Hill

King of the Hill
Welcome to Arlen, Texas -- home of the Hill family (Hank, Peggy, Bobby and Luanne) and Hank Hill's beloved propane and propane accessories. King of the Hill is a hilarious animated series which while being funny manages to explore diverse and "difficult" issues such as illegal immigration and adultery.

At our King of the Hill site, we've got sounds, pictures, character information and more. Just click on a link at the left of your window or below this text to start exploring the site.

Peggy Hill rumoured to be dead after sky-diving tragedy!
We received many reports of this, but it now seems that Peggy was only injured and has since recovered from this unfortunate accident. Read our "Peggy dead, is it true?" page for more information.

Introduction to King of the Hill
Find out more about the Hills, Hank's friends (Boomhauer, Bill, Dale) and the quiet Texan town of Arlen itself at our information page.

Cast list
Who does what voice? All is revealed on our King of the Hill cast list page.

Sound clips
Personalise your computer with these fun King of the Hill sound clips. We've got sounds (in WAV format) of Hank Hill, Dale, Peggy, Boomhauer and Bobby.

Our favourite quotes
Send us yours too!

Some pictures of the King of the Hill characters.

King of the Hill viewing guide
What channels is King of the Hill on in what countries? Our viewing guide might be able to help you.

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