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King of the Hill

Peggy Hill Dead?!

Update: I've heard that Peggy survives the sky-diving accident. I've included the rest of the page though, just for interest sake.

This all started off apparently with the end of the season in the States with something happening to Peggy in a sky diving accident. I've put in information that I received, the most recent first.

23rd May 1999 10.00 am GMT
I heard from the editor of some American weekly magazine that he has it on "good word" that Peggy is not dead. Instead, the "death" is simply a dream. Similar to what happened in Dallas a while back, and what happened in Baywatch with Mitch a while back...

Thursday 20th May 1999 9.30 am GMT
I've heard from someone called "Purcell" claiming to be the editor of King of the Hill. Apparently Peggy will recover from her injuries (so obviously she won't die) but she won't be in the first 7 shows of the next season!

Wednesday 20th May 1999 10.50 pm GMT
Ok I've just heard that Peggy apparently "dies" in a sky diving accident. Any more help is appreciated!

Wednesday 19th May 1999 9 pm GMT
Today I got an e-mail from a visitor saying that the King of the Hill series in the USA ended on a cliff-hanger with Peggy possibly being dead! How can Arlen's own supply teacher and loving wife to Hank, and loving mother to Bobby, be killed off?

If anyone has any ideas what will really happen, or when we can even find out, please e-mail

OUR prediction
Because we live in the UK and haven't seen this episode, we can't even be sure of what happened, but what we do know is that the same thing has been "tried" before with the propane King himself - Mr. Hank Hill - with the explosion in the Mega Lo Mart. And Hank remained unharmed, although he did have a propane phobia for a while. So I'd say that it's likely that Bobby will still have his Mother, and Hank still his wife - but I can't be sure!

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