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King of the Hill

King of the Hill Quotes
Here are just some of our favourite King of the Hill quotes.

"Hank, you're living back in the days of black and white TVs and a democratically elected Congress"
Dale to Hank because of Hank's insistence to use worms for fishing bait.

"Let's get this one - it's like watching TV except the show's about wet clothes moving round and round"
Bobby's view on buying a tumble dryer.

"He doesn't have an oil well. He doesn't own a cadillac. He doesn't wear cowboy boots because he's not a cowboy, and on account that they swish his toes. But the man I admire most is real Texan: he is my Daddy Hank Hill. And I would like to thank my Dad especially for treating me and raising me as his own even though I was fathered by another man while Mr. Hank Hill was in a Mexican POW camp. "
Bobby's Sunday school speech that embarrased Hank.

"You know I don't sign any document issued by a government institution. "
Dale to his son when asked to fill out a school permission slip.

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