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King of the Hill Characters

King of the Hill introduction
King of the Hill is a hilarious adult cartoon about the Hill family, their neighbours, their jobs and basically, their lives, in the little town of Arlen in Texas. Read on below for our character introductions for the Hill family and their close friends.

Hank Hill
Hank is the centre of the comedy. He is devoted to his wife Peggy who he has been with for 20 years of his life. Of course, he loves her dearly but would appreiciate it if she kept a bit more quiet when discussing bodily functions, sex organs, and of course his narrow urethra. The next thing in Hank's life is propane, and propane accessories. Hank is proud of his country and of the state of Texas.

Peggy Hill
As a mother, wife and subsitute teacher, Peggy definetly does have her hands full. She works hard, plays hard, loves hard - especially her son Bobby. She is recognized by family and neighbours as the smartest person in Arlen and is Arlen's 1996 Substitute Teacher of the Year. She is a strong-willed Texan woman with a mind of her own - she demands and often gets total respect.

Bobby Hill
Bobby is Hank and Peggy's 12 year pride and joy. Bobby is not unlike the boys his age - that is, he loves video games, TV and snacks. As part of his sexual awakening, he experienced his first kiss with a plastic beauty mannequin. He has also given up smoking.

Dale Gribble
Dale is Hank's closest neighbour and one of his best friends. Dale's profession is an exterminator. He has his own insecticide, which has somehow been very unsuccesful. Possibily because it's nearly all gasoline. Ok, it's all gasoline. Dale believes everything he sees on "The X-Files" and he thinks the world is about to be taken over by a powerful supercomputer known solely as "The Beast". Dale hates the government and big organisations - with the possible (only possible) exception of the General Tobacco Company. Dale is married to Nancy and they have one son together, Joseph. He is often found with his best friend Bobby.

Just say "Boomhauer" to anyone, and chances are you'll get a sentence back containing his favourite phrase: "Dang 'ol". Boomhauer's slurred and nearly uncomprehensible speech can only be understood by Hank who usually is able to "translate" this!

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