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DeepLake Diet - Recipe ideas
Dinner is a more complicated aspect of any diet, because it's usually a meal where people like to have a bit more variation and it usually tends to be the biggest meal of the day.

We have suggested several recipes. The point of these recipes is not really to be a cookery book as such, just to give you an idea of what's acceptable as part of this diet.

You’ll notice that most of these recipes emphasise fresh salad. By this I mean a combination of raw lettuce, onions, cucumber, peppers, carrot and so on. You might not like raw vegetables at first, but there are many benefits: they are more nutritious, you get more water and you don't have to waste your time or energy cooking them! Also, these should not have any kind of salad dressing on them. Enjoy the vegetables for their own flavour!

Salmon fillet with wheaten bread (or other brown, high-fibre bead) and fresh salad
Ingredients: 1 salmon fillet, real lemon to garnish, 2 slices of wheaten bread (without butter or other spreadable fat), fresh vegetables
Fry the salmon fillet or grill it using a health grill like the George Foreman® Grill. Warm or toast the bread and serve along with the fish and fresh vegetables. It's important to avoid butter or other spreadable fat. If you're used to this, it might be a bit strange at first, but you might also find it strange that fresh bread is also very tasty on its own.

Penne pasta with stir-in sauce (can be vegetarian)
Ingredients: 200g penne pasta, Dolmio stir-in sauce
Pasta is great as it's very low GI (glycaemic index)--this means it takes your body longer to break it down, and you get a steady stream of energy in the process. It's also very cheap and easy to cook. Boil the pasta (remembering that properly-cooked pasta should be firm to the bite) and when cooked, just stir in the sauce! Vegetarian sauces are available.

Pork chop with oven chips and fresh salad
Ingredients: 1 lean pork chop, loin steak or medallion (maximum weight 300g), low fat oven chips, fresh vegetables
Fry the pork or grill it using a health grill like the George Foreman® Grill. Bake the oven chips, remembering that they usually take longer than claimed to cook. Serve with fresh vegetables and treat yourself to some ketchup! Just make sure you don’t eat any of the excess fat on the pork.

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