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The easy way to lose weight. No gimmicks, just a real, practical diet.
Diet: lose weight - eat your favourite foods - become more healthy!

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The Diet
- The actual diet
- Great recipe ideas!
- How to handle eating out
- Calorie surprises!

- Free printable diet guide (PDF). Share with your friends!

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The DeepLake Diet
At DeepLake, we're sick of all these gimmicky diets which come along every few months. Atkins, South Beach... all these diets that offer 'too good to be true' claims often come out. Sadly the diets don't always live up to the hype. They might be too extreme or simply don't work.

The DeepLake Diet changes all that. We have developed a diet and we're not claiming you'll go down a size in a week. We're not going to tell you lies. What we will tell you is a real way of losing weight that works. Our diet is a simple, quite easy way to lose weight. If you want to lose weight - whether it's a new year resolution, for your "little black dress" or for your bikini, or just to feel better about yourself, this diet can help you.

And unlike other diets, we don't force you to buy a book to learn more about it. Everything you need to follow this diet is available on this web site free. We are hoping that you'll be so impressed with the diet that you'll want to use either our UK cheap international calls service, USA cheap international calls service or UK Internet access. Or you could also buy a ringtone from

Start reading about the diet!

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