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DeepLake Diet - Calorie surprises
The main aspect of the diet is to eat less than your calorie requirement. To do this effectively, you need to be aware of the calorie content in foods. Sometimes things might not be as they seem and to show this, we've collated some surprising calorie examples for you here!

  • Did you know milk has more calories than Coke? (Semi-skimmed milk: 48 kcal / 100 ml Full cream milk: 63 kcal / 100 ml. Coca Cola: 42 kcal / 100 ml.)
  • A small (49g) bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate contains 255 kcal and 14.6g fat (that's 20% of a woman's daily fat in-take and 15% of a man's).
  • Most fruit juices have more calories than Coca Cola. (Note: this does not mean that Coca Cola is healthier than fruit juice - just be aware that healthy options are sometimes high in calories.)
  • Nuts are very healthy, but three small handfuls of nuts could represent half your daily fat allowance.

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