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Funny One Liners

Warning: This joke has been classified by DeepLake Entertainment as a "rude" joke. It may contain foul language, sexual references or other obscene content.

We consider these jokes suitable for adults only. If you're not an adult and read the joke anyway, please don't blame us if you get offended.

-The DeepLake Editorial Team.

Q: What's the difference between a Porcupine and a Porsche owner?
A: With a Porcupine, the prick is on the outside!

Q: What happened to the Pope when he went to Mount Olive?
A: Popeye almost killed him!

Q: What's the difference between a pervert and a kinky person?
A: A pervert uses a feather, a kinky person uses the whole chicken!

Q: How can you tell a head nurse?
A: She's the one with the dirty knees!

Q:What do you call hemorrhoids on a fag?
A:Speed bumps.

Q:What is the lightest thing in the world?
A:A penis...even a thought can raise it.

Q:What do gay kids get for Christmas?
A:Erection Sets.

Q:Where do fags park?
A:In the rear.

Q:What does a female snail say during sex?
A:Faster, faster, faster!

Q:Heard about the blind skunk that tried to rape a fart?

Q:What is the noisiest thing in the world?
A:Two skeletons screwing on a tin roof.

Q:What's red and blue with a long string?
A:A smurfette with her period.

Q:Did you hear about the gay guy who got kicked off the golf course?
A:He was playing with too many strokes.

Q:What do you call an adolescent rabbit?
A:A pubic hair.

Q:Define "Egghead:"
A:What Mrs. Dumpty gives to Humpty.

Q:How can you tell if you have acne?
A:If the blind can read your face.

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