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Computer diagnosis

Warning: This joke has been classified by DeepLake Entertainment as a "rude" joke. It may contain foul language, sexual references or other obscene content.

We consider these jokes suitable for adults only. If you're not an adult and read the joke anyway, please don't blame us if you get offended.

-The DeepLake Editorial Team.

One day, Paul complained to his friend, "You know, my elbow is killing me. I guess I should see a doctor."

"Don't do that!" said his friend. "There's a computer at the drug store that can diagnose anything, quicker and cheaper than a doctor. Simply feed the computer a sample of your urine and it will diagnose your problem for only bucks."

Paul figured he had nothing to lose, so he filled a jar with a urine sample and walked to the drug store. Then, he poured the urine sample into the computer and deposited bucks. The computer started making some noise and a number of lights started flashing. After a brief moment, out popped a small slip of paper which read:

'You have tennis elbow. Soak your arm in warm water. Avoid heavy labor. It will be better in two weeks.'

That evening, while thinking how amazing this new technology was and how it would change medical science forever, Paul began to wonder if the computer could be fooled. He decided to give it a try. He mixed together some tap water, a stool sample from his pet dog, and urine samples from both his wife and daughter. To top it off, he masturbated into the mix.

The next day, Paul returned to drug store and poured the sample into the computer. Next, he deposited bucks. The computer started making some noise and a number of lights started flashing. After a brief moment, out popped a small slip of paper which read:

'Your tap water is too hard... get a water softener. Your dog has ringworm... bathe him with anti-fungal shampoo. Your daughter is using cocaine... put her in a rehab clinic. Your wife is pregnant with twin girls and they aren't yours... get a lawyer. And, if you don't stop jerking off, your tennis elbow will never get better.'

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