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Here's a list of all our cheap calls destinations. If you can't find the country you want to call on here, please visit our Worldwide Cheap International Calls site.

You can also download our cheap calls guide (PDF) which lists our most popular destinations.

- Algeria
- Andorra
- Argentina
- Armenia
- Australia
- Austria
- Bahamas
- Bangladesh (landline and mobile)
- Belgium
- Bermuda (landline and mobile)
- Bolivia
- Brasil
- Brazil
- Brunei
- Bulgaria
- Canada (landline and mobile)
- Chile
- China (landline and mobile)
- Cocos Island (landline and mobile)
- Colombia
- Costa Rica (landline and mobile)
- Croatia
- Cyprus Landline
- Cyprus Mobile
- Czech Republic
- Denmark
- Dominican Republic
- Estonia
- Finland
- France
- French Antilles
- Georgia
- Germany
- Ghana
- Gibraltar
- Greece
- Holland
- Hong Kong (landline and mobile)
- Hungary
- Iceland
- India (landline and mobile)
- Indonesia
- Indonesia Jakarta
- Indonesia Mobile
- Ireland
- Israel
- Italy
- Jamaica
- Japan
- Liechtenstein
- Lithuania
- Luxembourg
- Macao (landline and mobile)
- Malawi
- Malaysia
- Malaysia Mobile
- Mexico
- Monaco
- Netherlands
- New Zealand
- Nigeria
- Norway
- Pakistan (landline and mobile)
- Panama
- Peru
- Poland
- Portugal (including Azores and Madeira)
- Puerto Rico
- Romania
- Russia (landline and mobile)
- Russia Moscow
- San Marino (landline and mobile)
- Serbia and Montenegro
- Singapore (landline and mobile)
- Slovakia
- Slovenia
- South Africa
- South Korea
- Spain (including Balearic and Canary islands)
- Sweden
- Switzerland
- Taiwan
- Thailand
- Turkey
- Turkey Istanbul
- US Virgin Islands
- USA (landline and mobile)
- Ukraine
- Uruguay
- Uzbekistan
- Venezuela
- Zambia
- Zimbabwe

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You must have the bill payer's permission before calling our service. You are charged from the time of connection to our service. Please hang up after a short time if your call is engaged or unanswered BT apply a 12.5p pence (inc VAT) call-set-up fee to each call. For customer services please call 0844 552 8575. Service provided by New Call Telecom Ltd.