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Alicia Silverstone
Alicia is definetly one of the hottest stars of the 90s. Alicia Silverstone started off featuring in music videos of rock band Aerosmith, and has then gone from strength to strength: firstly starring in Clueless and most recently in the film "Excess Baggage".

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1. An elegant picture of Alicia holding a couple of pink roses. Download.

2. A picture of Alicia in a pink dress sitting on a couch. Download.

3. Alicia wearing a white shirt, pink shoes and holding a white rabbit. Download.

4. Black and white photograph of a close up of Alicia's face and shoulders. Download.

5. Glitzy and glamorous picture of Alicia stretching. Download.

6. Black and white picture of Alicia attacking someone with a pillow. Download.

7. Cute picture of Alicia in a chair wearing a black jacket and trousers. Download.

8. Slightly younger picture of Alicia, looking as elegant as usual! Download.

9. Picture of Alicia leaning sideways, wearing a floral dress. Download.

10. Picture of Alicia walking down the stairs, from Clueless. Download.

11. Another picture from Clueless, this time, holding shopping bags. Download.

12. Alicia holding a file, on her way to a class, fron Clueless. Download.

13. Close-up of Alicia. Download.

14. Alicia wearing a red pre-war dress. Download.

15. Close-up of Alicia's head and chest. She's fixing her hair. Download.

16. Alicia leaning against a grafittied wall. Download.

17. Alicia with a cute smile, leaning on a table. Download.

18. Alicia leaning on a windowsill wearing a black leather jacket. Download.

19. Alicia wearing a black and white hat. Download.

20. Alicia walking up a ski slope wearing a fleece jacket. Download.

21. Close-up of Miss Silverstone's face, probably my favourite. Download.

22. Movie poster for her hit film, The Babysitter. Download.

23. Alicia wearing a white dress, attending an awards cermony. Download.

24. Alicia in a white leather dress, with legs crossed. HOT! Download.

25. Clueless movie poster. Download.

26. Alicia kneeling down, looking sad. Download.

27. Alicia looking tough - don't mess with this girl. Download.

28. Alicia wearing a dress which looks like cling film. Download.

29. Two shots of Alicia in one, check this out! Download.

30. Alicia, being photographed off guard! Download.

31. Alicia, leaning back in a chair, holding some flowers. Download.

32. Alicia leaning down, with ripped jeans. Download.

33. Alicia attending an awards cermony. Red dress, with VIP pass. Download.

34. Cheeky picture of Alicia, wearing a mustard dress, and mini-skirt. Download.

35. Movie picture of Alicia. Download.

36. A picture of Alicia in a red shirt, leaning up against a bar. Download.

37. Another picture of Alicia in one of the Aerosmith pictures. Download.

38. Young picture, when she is listening to her personal stereo. Download.

39. Alicia looking worried! Download.

40. Alicia in a white dress, looking very sexy. Download.

41. Alicia resting her head on someone's knee. Great pic! Download.

42. Black and white autograph of Alicia, titled "From Alicia to the Internet". Download.

43. Alicia in a pink dress, posing for Rolling Stone magazine. Download.

44. Alicia lying back on a rug in the sun. Download.

45. Alicia when she looks sick, head to waist shot. Download.

46. Alicia taking it easy at the beach. Download.

47. Close-up of Miss Silverstone, as if she was at a funeral. Download.

48. Black and white shot with her co-stars from Clueless. Download.

49. Magazine cover starring Alicia wearing a semi-transparent white dress. Download.

50. Eight hot pictures of Alicia showing her in her finest. Download.

51. Cute pose of Alicia wearing a farmer's hat, staring straight at the camera! Download.

52. Alicia all in pink, squatting away from the viewer. Download.

53. Alicia dressed in a stripey t-shirt. Probably from her younger days. Download.

54. Alicia looking very business like. Download.

55. Cover of Entertainment Weekly, showing Alicia in her cling film-like dress. Download.

56. Alicia showing us who is boss. Looks as if she is on a film set. Download.

57. Autographed picture of Miss Silverstone, sitting on a balck chair. Download.

58. Another autographed picture, floral dress. Download.

59. A selection of some of the finest Alicia pictures. Download.

60. Movie poster. Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl. Download.

61. Alicia attending a celebrity party. Download.

62. Cute picture of Alicia in front of a stall at a fair. Download.

63. Close-up of Alicia looking worried! Download.

64. Alicia in the shower. (NB. No nudity!) Download.

65. Alicia in a long black dress, attending yet another celebrity bash. Download.

66. Large picture of Alicia on the beach, wearing a yellow T-shirt. Download.

67. Alicia in a white dress, on the cover of Teen magazine. Download.

68. Alicia in a long white shirt on the front cover of Sky magazine. Download.

69. A depressed looking Alicia in a white top, and floral skirt. Download.

70. A wind-swept Alicia wearing a silver dress. Download.

71. Alicia in a white shirt cuddling with a white rabbit. Download.

72. Black and white close-up of Alicia in a swimsuit. Download.

73. A happy Alicia hanging out of a car door, wearing a green fluffy jumper. Download.

74. A early autographed picture of Alicia. Download.

75. A picture of Alicia with a red top, black pants with her VIP pass around her neck. Download.

76. Alicia walking into yet another celebrity party. Download.

77. Alicia waiting for action on a movie set. Download.

78. Black and white picture of Alicia posing as a hippy. Download.

79. Alicia in a pink top and silver shorts, looking as sexy as ever. Download.

80. Sideways shot of Alicia wearing a light blue dress. Download.

81. Alicia on the back of a motorbike, in one of the Aerosmith videos. Download.

82. Another one of Alicia on the back of the motorbike. This time a close up of her face. Download.

83. Alicia in the desert, holding herself up. Download.

84. Another one of the music video pictures of Alicia. Nice one Steve Tyler. Download.

85. Alicia in a black top, and leopard skin trousers. Hmmmmm, sexy! Download.

86. The best picture of Alicia of all time! PVC dress spread out on a coffee table! Download.

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