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What is Deeplake Cheap Calls USA?
Deeplake Cheap Calls USA is a great way for US residents and people visiting the US to make cheap international and long distance phone calls. You can call from your home phone, office or cellphone at great rates as low as 5 cents per minute!

How do I use Cheap Calls USA?
It only takes 5 minutes to sign up. Sign up now online. It's simple and fast.

Are there any other charges?
No - we charge you a set rate per minute. Unlike our competitors, we do not charge you a connection fee or any kind of monthly service charge. Don't get fleeced!

Why are calls to mobiles/cellphones more expensive?
This is due to 'termination fees' charged by mobile networks. This is the same with all calling cards, not just Cheap Calls USA.

Are there any minimum usage requirements?
No - use the service as much or as little as you like.

How are calls charged?
Calls are charged per minute.

What payment options do you offer?
Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Will my credit card details be secure?
Yes - we use the highest level of industry-standard SSL encryption. When we receive your credit card details we encrypt them again and store it on our secure server.

Once I sign up, how soon can I use the service?
Immediately - you can use the service from your registered phone as soon as you've registered!

Is the voice quality good on international calls?
Yes! Unlike some of our competitors, we use only Tier 1 long-distance providers (such as QWest) to provide our long-distance network. The telecommunications service in some foreign countries, is not quite as good as what we are accustomed to in the US, but the call quality for Cheap Calls USA calls should be no better or no worse than what you expect when you make a call to a particular state or country.

Does Cheap Calls USA work with all carriers?
Yes - so sign up now!

The rate on the web site is not the same rate when I call. Why?
Our rates vary depending on whether you're using local or toll-free access. If you call an international mobile, this usually costs more. You can double check the rate on our web site before making a call.

How do I recharge my account?
Visit the My Account page and either manually recharge your account or set up "automatic recharge".

Where can I find out my local access number?
Visit the local access numbers page.

I have forgotten my password!
Please visit the My Account page and use the "password lookup" feature to have your password sent to you.

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